Our aim is to offer quality, affordable volunteering experiences as well as the opportunity to be immersed in our local culture discovering Cape Town.We are dedicated to providing young people, from all over the world, the opportunity to come to Cape Town, South Africa and experience our cultures and build relationships with people.

There are a vast number of interesting volunteer projects available and most of them are in the local communities, in and around the beautiful city of Cape Town.Students/volunteers can make a valuable contribution in many different facets of childcare, teaching, social-welfare, environmental and medical placements in and around Cape Town.With the Volunteer Programme, students/volunteers will stay with local host families and enjoy the local meals prepared by the family. They also have the option of enjoying meals in local restaurants of their choice when site seeing.As community members, we have extensive knowledge of the various communities in and around the city of Cape Town, which enables us to offer first-hand experience and advice to the student/volunteer.We will provide real insight into Cape Town’s culture, history, landscape through orientation and local community placement and provide the opportunity for genuine interaction with the local people.

Respect for the locals, their cultures, religion and environment are essential to operate a successful volunteer programme. All our students/volunteers placed in the local community have to abide by the Code of Conduct “respecting the local culture”.

Volunteers also have the opportunity to explore the scenic beauty ofSouth Africa whereby we offer tours of Cape Town and Western Cape A Local guides and agencies are used with the understanding to offer a true cultural experience.